Tyan Tomcat i815T S2080

Thursday, August 30, 2001


The Tyan i815T is based around stepping B of the i815EP chipset, which makes it compatible with the "Tualatin" generation of the Intel Pentium III processor. That makes the i815T the second "Tualatin"-compatible board to arrive at our lab; the first having been the Easton2 reference board from Intel.

So, without further ado, let's get down to the review...

Characteristics of the Tyan Tomcat i815T S2080
Pentium III (FC-PGA) or Celeron processor, including "Tualatin"
i815EP stepping B
Form factor
ATX 30.4cm X 20.3cm
6 PCI - 0 ISA - 0 CNR - 1 AGP - 4 USB
Three 168-pin DIMM sockets, maximum size up to 512MB.
66Mhz, 95Mhz, 100Mhz, 105Mhz, 110Mhz, 114Mhz, 117Mhz, 133Mhz, 138Mhz, 140Mhz, 150Mhz, 157Mhz
Vcore adj.
Vio adj.
Audio chipset
non disponible

The Tyan Tomcat i815T S2080 reflects Tyan's traditional design philosophies - which is to say, that it was not designed for Overclockers.

So, unfortunately, no options are presented for changing the Vcore or Vio voltages, or the CPU's clock multiplier setting.

In fact, the only available Overclocking function is the ability to set the FSB frequency (as indicated by the table above).

Fortunately, memory timing settings, and the memory bus frequency itself can also be adjusted.

In short, the i815T has more in common with Intel's reference board that it does with the "traditional" Overclocker's mainboard.


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